Places and excursion in the Valley of the Brenta and in nearby regions

A visit to the Grotte di Oliero and to the Museum of Speleology is an absolute must (10 min. on foot from "I Calmi"). In the Park of the Caves, musical and other events are also held. The local Cave Group, with the Veneto Speleological Federation, organizes courses in potholing and excursions both in the region and abroad.

For people who are fond of walking we recommend a trip to Valstagna (following the path along the river Brenta) and to the historic Calà del Sasso, with its 4,444 steps, leading up to the Asiago Plateau. There are many more paths to follow, to the Plateau and to Monte Grappa (see the Map of Paths in the area).

By bicycle there are pleasant and easy routes to Bassano del Grappa and the plain, to Feltre and the Val Belluna, or through the Valsugana to Trento. More difficult routes go to Foza (Val Frenzella) on the Asiago Plateau and to the peak of Monte Grappa.

Popular sports, even at international level, are linked with the river Brenta, such as canoeing and rafting (there is a Canoe School at Valstagna) and underwater speleology in the various karst springs in the valley. In winter the various ski areas on the Plateau and at Marcesina offer a great many tracks, especially for cross-country skiing and fine itineraries for ski mountaineering.

Some of the most interesting events to take part in or watch in the nearby Valstagna area:

  • Spring feast on the high pastures (end of May);
  • Palio delle Zattere (Rafting contest, last Sunday in July);
  • Feast of St. Roch at Oliero (16 august);
  • Other feasts of the local Communities;

Numerous events are organised by the Municipalities in the valley: as well as the local fairs and musical feasts, various antique markets, the olive feast at Pove del Grappa and important artistic events at Bassano del Grappa, with opera, theatrical performances and so on.

Various excursions may be organised from "I Calmi":

  • on foot : on the Plateau, on Monte  Ortigara and Cima Dodici, on Monte Grappa, in the Park of the Belluno Dolomites, on the Dolomite Alte Vie range;
  • by bicycle : circuit of the Val Belluna-Passo S.Boldo-the river Piave-Possagno and Bassano and numerous other more or less easy itineraries;
  • by train : to Venice and its Lagoon, to Padua (Giotto, the Botanical Garden, etc.), to Verona (Castelvecchio, the Arena, etc.) or through the Valsugana and Trento.

There are famous cultural itineraries to follow: the tour of the walled towns (Marostica, Cittadella and Castelfranco), the tour of the Veneto Villas (Maser and Villa Emo, Villa Contarini and Villa Pisani at Stra, La Rotonda and other Villas in the province of Vicenza), visits to the municipal museums of Bassano del Grappa, to Canova's Plaster Cast Gallery at Possagno, the Rocca di Asolo, etc..

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